Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Big Richard Insect on Major Crimes Records

Major Crimes Records out of South Australia is another label attempting to flood the world market with singles from down under. Frankly I'm glad to hear what's going on over there having barely scratched the surface with Kitchen's Floor and UV Race. Big Richard Insect captures a lot of what I liked about those two; it's raw production is second to the performance and the less they're trying the deeper you get into their head - which is definitely a good thing.

A-Side's "Cop Out" pounds out a nice old Wire riff of solid gritty distortion which bleeds over to the vocals running through the frantic lyric. They jangle this along, dangling the end of the hook just out of reach, it's not a sexy chord progression, they don't go for the obvious or hard sell. A treble heavy screamy electric pours out the chorus section under his talking style of delivery. There's still a soul to this, it's a blues groove punk, the slow tedious two man saw cutting away on both sides. Laying into those treble chords and bending them to meet the end of this verse. A slight bit of attitude but it's more like the guys standing on the corner, they're pretty harmless as long as you can stand the bitching. You probably even miss it when they're doing something else. "Animals" hits a lot faster and harder, choppy bursts of repetition that shifts immediately still plowing ahead driven by this unnerved snare. They run a verse of fucked up, off kilter chords just for effect, even switching to the mean stuff for this last verse to round it out sounding like Life Sucks or Buck Buloxi and the Fucks.

The bass on B-Side's "Weird" opens with low vibration, no effects joined by metallic reverb'd feedback and tom/snare attack. The guitar keeps squealing through this rock scale on the bass, shifting slightly up the scale. A lot of crazy jamming on the strings, running that mic stand or broken bottle up all over the pickups. The trio all gets on on the mic, different distances in the closest thing to their experimental Gang of Four phase. They're getting into something other than just the pure mess of the instrument. Hardly controlled chaos like Liquor Store but actually sounding a little dangerous. "Messed Her Up" opens on more of that feedback but gets right to business in lower end chords. These guys have some nerve messing her up, it's bad enough they're already there. Loose arrangements and looser vocals peak out the mic. Multiple tracks of vocals, not in their right head like German Measles or UV Race it's a sloppy pile of raw punk all of it built on the shoddiest of foundations. A few chords, rumbling in the back of this mix, equally buried drums beaten off camera because these three are right up in the fisheye lens forgetting to play anything. Excellent addition to the order you should be getting together from Eternal Soundcheck or get it straight from Major Crimes.

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