Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tranzistors on UFO factory records

Even after already checking out a previous single from the Tranzistors I still can’t find much info about the Detroit trio (?). At least one member, Andy FM, is currently listed as being a member of His Name is Alive which is completely insane, not to mention I think the band also runs the label UFO Factory who put this out. Both sides are different ‘Girls’ tracks and are both different approaches to their contemporary glam sound.

A-Side’s "Cinnamon Girl" made me want to go back to T. Rex and where this ultra glam punk started. I've never connected to it in the way I thought I would but maybe that’s because I want to be where Jeff Novak and the Tranzistors already are. I also can’t believe there was a time you could catch this shiny, produced sound live? Free range synths, epic windmill chords, background ahhh's and drums smacking with handclaps... they can’t have enough elements in this. The more changes, the weirder they can get, almost crossing into math territory, the better. Double up the high register vocals and it becomes like something from Hedwig walking down the street. Bowie is another piece of the puzzle but these guys update those traditions and if they get me to give that stuff another shot well then they've done more for this genre than anyone else has. Gated chords, handclaps, it's a damn musical. Rocky Horror picture show is making a little bit more sense now.

B-Side’ "Honeycomb Girl" breaks out an acoustic with background conga, more heavy harmony and layered vocals. It's enough that they already sound like a god damn candy shop and then they want to break hearts on top of the stickiness. They even feel like getting a string section involved but the sky should be the limit, you ought to see the list of people involved in this in the liner notes. Calling all session musicians we've got a genius here, run them in and out, punch the console. NEXT! A smooth ride where the vocals are and they should be the focus of this sort of thing. Something of an Elliott Smith sounding punchy doubling vocal effect from his later stuff, his similar interpretation of English glam '70s dragged into today. This one’s even got something of a country feel with this fiddle and lonesome assless chaps solo. Damn I think these guys sent me a full length? I better go find it.

These handstamped center label copies are still available from UFO Factory Records.

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