Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Marcel Bontempi - Headless Horseman on Squoodge records

So from what I understand in scratching the surface of Marcel Bontempi is that he lives in Germany, does these great illustrations and just released a pretty nuts rockabilly sounding single with shades of that '60s garage on Squoodge Records.

A-Side's "Headless Hoarsemen" has a gallop beat laid out on that loose brush snare with a tight reverb electric with Marcel crooning through an old AM radio with a quivering straight Elvis sound. The early Sun records demo stuff. A lot like The Slow Poisoner, he's working on the fringes of a weird haunted house sound or the master of the genre, Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Handclaps and a booming tom section, you can hear those hip swivel and the giant hollow Rickenbacker strapped over the shoulder. "Witch Girl" goes more modern in it's bendy early melody and Marcel's just got this great vocal style nailed, creepy and pop down the line. "Living Death" is The Mummies with a stray cat strut. "Satan is Her Name" has to be the perfect combination of that modern jagged experimental take on the whole scene. Get creeped out by this one, halloween came early this year, and no one is complaining.

Get this from Squoodge Records.

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