Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Violent Bullshit on 25 Diamonds Records

I think a lot of times hardcore is just a signifier for listening to whatever you want. At this point it's a weathered style that's been through a lot of changes but still is always weirdly reinventing itself or just carrying on as fast and loud as usual. The speed and yelling aren't going anywhere. It's always going to exist on the fringes and those are the places that I want to go. Brooklyn's Violent Bullshit is made up of part Orchid, Panthers, Les Savy Fav, Halfman and Black Army Jacket and in their own nostalgic combination of origin hardcore writing songs that are short because you don't need to repeat that chorus over and over. We get the point and they don't have time to waste boring you with another verse. This six song EP is entitled "Age of Quarrel II by Amon Duul III' and I have no idea what that means.

A-Side's "Stain of length" has choked guitars and a yelling buried vocal that turns into a West Coast skater sound for a second, the Suicidal Tendencies strain and then goes real huge, everything mixed really tight with a nod to that classic texture but then piling it on a second time. On "Memorial Day" Jayson gets into his screamy high register snarl while Dan Crowell is pounding the shit out of those drums. I like a chorus with the rest of the band chiming in, like 7 seconds - all I can think of is that halfpipe punk rock. "Soc Moscot's Brass Knuckles" gets as complex and changing as At The Drive In, but feeling less conceptual and more blue collar, like it's after some real blood after a week of bullshit, and maybe that name helps.

B-Sise "DC Intellectual" is all emotion, they put thought into it, but it's important to have this catharisis, the guitars get crazy on this one, hitting off notes in a deliberate attempt to annnoy and them come back together in that post math way, just long enough to start to formulate the equation but it's already solved and they've moved on. "It's complicated" rough raw guitars open for a measure and they're back working this massive layered speed, you know bashing cymbals and screaming. *See band name. "Drunk boys" takes on a real bellowing melody in a weird love song, bursts of YOU'RE THE ONE I WANT FOREVER! They mine those primal urges and then puke them out into a hardcore punk sound. I can barely keep up. Thanks for the lyric sheet in this case its actually enlightening, all of their black and white photos are blurry because this is a sweaty lound mess of a show, and they never stand still for a second. Is this a catharsis for us or them?

Get it from 25 Diamonds Records.

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