Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life Stinks on Total Punk Records

My friend Tim called me one night to tell me about Life Stinks. I ordered the full length from SS Records. There’s scuzzy pop garage about smoking weed and playing video games and then there’s the darker more sinister side in Life Stinks. Sounding like walking in on an underground biker party, it’s trashy, loose and dirty lie Buck Biloxi or the Mayyors - RIP.

A-Side's "Portraits" opens on feedback and that empty room sound, its as raw as anything you could have dug up at the salvation army on a hand labeled cassette. Banging away at a tambourine snare bash beat, the guitars are banished to the back of this, Chad (from the outdoorsmen) on vocals always with a sneering attitude, feeling like a dark chant to the heavens. He’s not complaining just letting the universe know he's still down here and won't be pushed around. A brutish force cutting in scythe paths not a wussy surgical knife. Cut things down quick and get this thing cleared out. A punk psych in its hypnotic beat and background shredding hiss guitars. This guy actually has things to say and they aren't just fucking around being drunken jerks making noise. Loose but not sloppy. Angry not stupid.

Just listened to the sound cloud not sure what’s on the B-Side but I like these guys a lot.

Get it from Total Punk Records. Colors? Packaging? These guys don't need it.

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