Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nice Guys / Miami Doritos split on KLYAM Records

I've always looked to Kids Like You and Me in Boston to keep up with what's going on up there. Historically Boston has always seemed to foster a unique scene with bands like Mission Of Burma, The Pixies and Sebadoh and recently I’ve even put out records from locals Soccer Mom and Fat History Month. The two on this split, Nice Guys and Miami Doritos are both out of Allston and share garage-y noise and chaos on this one from your Boston area authorities, KLYAM.

On the insert it says ‘turn up the heat and roll a joint, that's the secret recipe’ on Nice Guys’ “Jamaican Vacation”. A high electric melody pierces through the lousy haze while this other guitar joins with it's own heavy distortion’s rough edges and blunt as hell. This blows in swinging all over, crazy and totally blind, arms flailing. The entire band needs a mic to counter the heavy jagged changes of riffs and slow, deliberate growls and cymbal bashing, noise is driving this. Guitars and drums, no bass allowed. The track creeps faster and faster towards an inevitable collapse. Ragged and spent. "Medical Envy" throws open the dank on huge windmill riffs and a delayed echo reverb wrapping chords around metallic hits from the drum section again. This psych arrangement is interrupted by a bashing count off and I think the lyrics are jealous of someone that can buy medical marijuana. Don't worry buddy I think there's an amendment coming and we can end up like Idiocracy. This is even more aggressive than the other track but that high melody is back and I mean high from second hand smoke. Snotty and blown out vocals, the guitars both wade through heavy sludge rock broken up by string breaking bendy solo's. The verse melody further devolves and the chorus becomes more insistent. It all ends in feedback and the power going out. Nothing left to chance.

Miami Doritos "Price 2 Pay" I think those two words go together perfectly and so does this wiry low end hum that threatens to turn to feedback, wrangled by some unknown assailant. It slowly gets banged into submission and the tonal quality on this side is like Psychedelic Horseshit and the guitar burps drown out these already peaking vocals. Riffs bleed together in a lone low end southern metal freakout. Sort of bluesy but terrifying in how little it actually gives you to hold on to. What weird cabin in the woods did this come out of? For “Rush Hour/Piss Take" the bleeding amps and the snare actually break through the crunch and hiss and buried vocals try to hold things together. It breaks for a second and they hold onto sustain like some kind of punk tightrope, how they even hear each other in this sort of Cramps punk voodoo sound is a mystery. Muddy and loud, I wonder if this is a live recording or are they this insane when settling down for a studio session?

The insert of this thing will keep you busy for days. This 8 x 10 xerox was painstakingly doodled in study hall for weeks. Every character is represented.

Get this from Klyam Records in Fluorescent Lime or mixed color.

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