Thursday, July 17, 2014


I had to interrupt regular posting to spread the word about an incredible breakthrough in lathe cutting from Mike at PIAPTK records. Mike texted me photos of this ten inch one evening and I don't think the reality completely hit me until this morning. There are five tracks on this 10" lathe cut in olympic circles that continue to play straight through the grooves on the other tracks. You have to cycle through the five 'center' holes to hear each separate track. Each song is effected by the other tracks, the best part being that this could only be done in this format and by someone with pretty intense lathe cutting skill. That would be mind blowing enough but Dimitri Manos, the electronic manipulator from Dr. Dog has composed the tracks to incorporate this chirp as the songs cut through one another and the tracks end in locked grooves.

No samples of this anywhere but this sells itself, a completely unique one of a kind artifact that - oh yea - is a record that plays music. It's hard not to frame this thing and hang it on the wall.

This is a PREORDER - Will not ship until around August 1st.

This is by far my favorite record I've ever made. It is the product of many hours of experimentation, measurements, blind luck, and dumb jokes being made real by sheer force of will.

This is, however, no longer a joke. This is a real 5 holed record that plays.

This Six "Sided" 10" record is composed of six distinct groove rings. Each side has a Venn Diagram of Groove in the middle and a short ring on the outside of the 10". As the grooves of the Venn Diagram cross, they make a little chirping sound. They will usually not skip, but you may need to adjust your tonearm weight and anti-skating a little. Dimitri specifically composed a 16 minute sound collage with this chirp in mind.

Each Great Six Sider 10" is somewhat unique, in that the rings were cut using an unspecific portion of Dimtri's composition and were then locked off into locked grooves when the ring ends. No rings or locked grooves are the same.

Mike also says this is only the beginning future shapes and they get more insane from here. I worry about him.


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