Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sissy Spacek "Incomprehensible Dehumanization" on Gilgongo Records

John Weise is one of those guys that has played with extreme noise to an unbelievable serious degree. Proof that if you are passionate about exploring the very limits of what can be created with sound you will eventually become one of the authorities of it's creation. The 52nd Venice Biennale will invite you to perform. I also forget he was in Wolf Eyes and Sun O))). His discography is unparalleled but more impressive are the sounds you ail have to content with playing any piece of it. Charlie Mumma, the other co-conspirator in SS has his own unfathomable catalog and I appreciate the two of them are working in the outer limits of what exactly sound is able to conjure up.

A-Side's "No relief" is a promise coming from Sissy Spacek. It's a complete chaotic mess from the first second. They are going to really mean it. I immediately believe this would prevent all sleeping at the wheel fatalities, a public service campaign is in the works. Feedback and shrill high treble squeals, in the format can capture this massive sonic range of low end blurred crunks and piercing feedback running up and down the fret. I sort of think that this must have been chopped up in post after the fact because it sounds impossible to have played. What chain of effects could this possibly be existing in a static hell dropping out to a cable hum silence which isn't often. Like a massive windstorm or rain shower the glitching hiss is overwhelming. The guitar? (I'm guessing) uses a ringtone Blue box sounding broken synth wave at points, between a heavy strum in the high range feedback to a ground shaking brrrrrrmmmmpppp. I'm having a hard time picturing the physical action it takes to create this, it sounds like an awful lot of work, but more likely it's a mic'd 6 foot speaker and they are barely touching the strings. Like the moment when the needle stops when you walk into that biker bar drawn out in slow motion over a period of weeks. All of your sense are telling you to run, to turn it off, get away from the source of this noise. Psych may have been able to somewhat transcribe the hallucinogenic experience but Sissy Spacek reaches deep into the fight or flight primal brain stem and stares you down for four agonizing minutes.

B-Sides "Heaven Doesn't Exist"
"Peace is Impossible"
"Greater Cruelty"
"Abandon Every Hope"
I can actually pick out the drum kit from Charlie barely audible when the screeching treble crunch guitar pauses for a second. So completely anti rhythm or melody or progression. All the things you know to make up music are practically absent. You have to really question what sort of sounds one after another can constitute music. If melody is the brain remembering the last few notes sort of the way persistence of vision works when watching a projected 35mm film then Sissy Spacek has successful shattered that concept completely. There's no way you can even comprehend the last blast of distortion, if you can even call it that. Working in the fringes and I'm glad to know it's appreciated by other people who have this same sickness.

Get this from Gilgongo Records. Stock running low.

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