Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alex Rossi on Bleeding Gold Records

Alex Rossi has been on a weird road to end up on this single with Bleeding Gold records. From what I can piece together he was a DJ in France in the '80s, started a radio show, recorded some singles with Mercury France in the '90s, wrote for other artists along the way and collaborated with a ton of artists including shoe designer (??!!!) Ines Olympe Mercadal on this euro pop duet track "Je Te Prend".

A-Side's "Je Te Prend" or "I'll Take" opens with a high synth that bleeds into a canned machine rhythm and minimal bass line. Alex has that close mic'd french sexy vocal and is joined by Ines who matches their breathy hushed exchange. It's a nineties dance number that makes me want to go back to Histoire De Melody Nelson. No frills sleeve which had to have been a struggle for Bleeding Gold, but if that's what the artist wants, that's what they get. It's a real mirrors and lasers dance club hit with the lusty vocals from both of these two sounding good in french of course with a back and forth that doesn't require translation. A portamento slide synth carries a main melody and Ines takes on the chorus and this big production doesn't try to hide any of the cheap thrills here. They have it out on the dancefloor like the human league, working as waitresses in cocktail bars.

B-Side is a remix by Arnaud Pilard who takes Alex's vocal and isolates it with more atmopheric epic synths and gives the rhythm time to slowly eek it's way out of this vocal back and forth. A heavier dense low end mix that ends up making this sound more Kraftwerk-y synth and darker. Now these two moved away from just another fun night on the weekend dancefloor to some kind of secret meetup maybe for the first time. Like Postal Service this takes a real clipped gated hand to weird sounds and micro edits with more computers divorcing this from a human touch except for these sexy vocals which have to make this B-Side that feels shorter but the ride has a deeper groove.

On black vinyl, black and white sleeve from Bleeding Gold Records.

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