Thursday, October 16, 2014

Friends of Caesar Romero on Snappy Little Numbers Records

J. Waylon Miller or Joseph Kerr is the only consistent member of this pop punk one man project, Friends of Caesar Romero based out of Arizona. Changing aliases like rock styles, J. is doing whatever he wants sounding like a split with himself on this latest single from Snappy Little Numbers Records. A-Side is a tight psych garage pop tune while the B-Side goes for a harder decades earlier straight up rock.

The quivering hammond organ on A-Side's "The Hold" is playing under this hyper pop beat like that piece of Elvis Costello's "This Year's Girl except J. Waylon Porcupine (?) is delivering layers of vocals in his falsetto belting high above the jangly warm tremolo and perfect garage stomp drum sound. I can hear that Paul Messis psych pop done with a contemporary slant like the Ar-Kaics. They have a crazy attention to detail in the slight changes between chorus and verse with a labored over pop that belongs on an A-Side. 'The Hold' is the thing a girl has on him in traditional pop 45 style.

B-Side's "Teisco Telestar Stomp" is named after a cheapo japanese guitar company but this is far away from the twang and jangle of the A-Side or the garage Teisco sound. J. is in hard rock snarling mode here but not without those harmony layers to smooth this out like Joan Jett's Bad Reputation asking if what they say about you is true. The rest of the Friends are coming on heavy emphasizing that lower end lead by thick distortion breaking into a solo and bashing away at the drums. Completely different side of the project so you won't presume to have any idea about what J is going to come up with next.

Get this from Snappy Little Numbers, clear jukebox version or black.

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