Friday, December 19, 2014

New Cowboy Builders on Function Room Records

New Cowboy Builders is the latest project from Jake Healy of She Ripped, having fired Dr. Rhythm they found a human hammer on drums, John, for this harder, pounding jitter that continues to explore modern dehumanization with impossible to ignore heavy riff rock.

A-Side's "Black Moses" for example is described as being about a reborn saint private investigator looking into the murder of a (reality star?) heroin addict. You know - the usual everyday monotony. It's heavy hitting, the thuds between kick and snare work as a heavy foundation for Jake's deadpan vocal delivery between fills. His sinister chopped lines giving some of those important background details in conversational tones that open up in a chorus that see saws between power chords and double kick drums. There's still hints of that post punk minimal starkness in this breakdown before the sharp bursts of distortion come winding back and I think when the dust settles this saint PI is in big trouble.
B-Side's "What is Expected" has a tight loop of gated shellac bursts and Jake deliberately tunes out the rest of this rhythm and melody to detach from the proceedings. The jittery guitar oscillates between two notes changing their place of attack but sticking to this soul sucking repetition in support of the bleak, alienated vocal. They definitely benefit from the addition of these earth shaking drums and feed off each other's energy lining up this existential dilemma into tight bursts of distortion.

Pick this up from the band direct or ask your local distro for the import.

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