Thursday, December 18, 2014

Paz Antiguana "Surfing the Channel" on Holy Cane Spirit Records

There's the weathered, beaten up scarred romantic soul of Lee Fields that gets put on during those hard times when you need someone to really articulate it while having a few drinks and then there's the tropical soul of Paz Antiguana who are determined to get you out of your chair, and your house even to go have that cocktail with friends possibly to start that other relationship that will inevitably lead back to putting on Lee again...

A-Side's "Surfing the Channel" has a cool, marching samba style rhythm with congas coming heavy out of the left channel and Corina on vocals right up close and in the front. Sparkly keyboards and ride cymbals almost sound like loops that didn't know each other beforehand they just keep facing off only coming together because they're packed together. You can't help but picture that island and forgetting what day it is. A brass section picks up this rhythm to that chorus surfing the left and right channels ' skiing in flannel'. A concise groove about surfing that ends up on the beach that night.
B-Side's "Groovin'" is their take on that classic 1967 Young Rascals track completely making it their own. It's worth doing a cover when you so completely put your own stamp on it like this. They reinterpret the soul bass line sliding in just before the chorus and Corina even takes that vocal melody to new unexpected places all with their polyrhythmic percussion that's coming from every direction. They took that slow dance couples only track and fired it up to make sense in the middle of the day with palm trees in sight.

Get it from Paz Antiguana direct or your usual local distro's.

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