Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Hussy on Windian Records

Old friends to 7inches, Bobby and Heather of The Hussy are back with a single on Windian of course that has young Keith Richards shedding psychedelic tears for the thundery scuzzy sounds that, at this point, The Hussy have been honing in on for the last NINE YEARS! Countless pedals and guitars have been set on fire, drum heads broken, van engines ruined and floors slept on but that tour with Nobunny must have made it all worth while. These guys just keep getting better and better finally bringing one member of the Rolling Stones to tears.

A-Side's "EZ/PZ" I swore might have been from one of their full lengths but I don't recognize this tight Heather fronted track showcasing major range not just in bad ass energy but singing chops as well. Bobby in supporting position is left to completely destroy this distortion and riffs reminding me of some rough Home Blitz type of garage blues cutting right down the middle. They can't help but nurture those sweet starts and stops with instincts that they've continued to blindly follow. It's all heart on display, make it all louder and faster, you can't stop to think things out just try to hang on. Still amazed these two are playing together after all these years and the sound continues to evolve as they both keep this sweaty two minute punk pop marriage together.
B-Side's "Hey Jude Pts. 2 & 3" has a real crisp four chord riff with Bobby and Heather yelling right over each other in that perfect unison, the kind they can pull off at every show, delivering "OH MY GOD" a hundred different ways. This is one of those opening tracks that I know I must have caught live, the kind of thing that makes eveyone head to the stage. Some juicy tape warble bleeds right into a super bubblegummy Hunx/Shannon sounding low tempo number of Heather's while Bobby 'whooooo ooooo ooo's' in the background and jams out just a slight bit of surf over his epic sustained distortion waves. They get this sound live but on these singles they have a chance to perfectly separate the cymbal crashes or layers of multiple distortions and keep experimenting their garage punk sound to perfection.

That split with Digital Leather was a completely amazing surprise as well which is still available on Southpaw, as well as their first full length - back in print.

Get this from Windian, who just announced their latest single series for 2015. This is on pink and white or blaxk vinyl.

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