Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Sex Rays "She Thing" on Big Action Records

The Sex Rays first single from Pinata seemed to be all garage business and on their latest from Big Action they took things way off into psych mountain where they were trapped in a cave in and the only way out was to break up their B-Side track into two pieces. Also seems to be something of a conceptual album about relationship problems. What began as a straightforward bluesy garage stomper where you know where you stand got confusing and - thanks to the drugs - completely irreparable.

"She Thing" has a thick riff out there all alone mixed with a little blues and see saw stomp. A bass backs it up sinking further this into a deep groove and is joined by another loose grinding distortion winding things up. Ben on vocals has that raspy whisper that never gets louder than the melody, no matter how big this thing keeps getting he's keeping his cool. They change up the key and climb into another verse of huge production. 'Ahhhh's' blend into the harmony, a contrast to the real sleazy solo that ends this track....or so you thought. Another riff appears out of the haze with broken in the red drums, almost eerie surf style tremolo that blows out into pure psych. I was hoping this was going to be another track entirely but it seems like an after effect of that She Thing, the spring reverb coiling up to strike sounding like the beginning of the Mummies.
B-Side's up for track title of the year "He's trying to work it out with his girlfriend and then the LSD kicks in..." which was actually that reverb surf number that started at the end of the A-Side. It gets weirder with the whammy bar involved as the drums start to gradually fall away. The delay pedal cranked to 11 blinks notes in and out like a string of fucked christmas lights trails flying. Then of course the out of key organ sound slices through this 'not so bad of a trip yet' to push him over the handle on reality. The explosion of huge psych is where things must have really gone wrong. I'm going to guess that they don't end up working it out. The last half of the track is in outer space floating with asteroids, the reverse vocals from an answering machine message which I hope is the message that inspired the track. Completely insane and almost turning the track creepy. A real disturbed thing to come home to.

Pick this up on Big Action Records.

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