Friday, January 16, 2015

The NV's on Big Neck Records

I remember an earlier single featuring Sal Go, Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb which came about at a Jay Reatard show. That project may or may not still be active but like Jay immediately another project, The NV's was already in the works featuring members of Electricutions & Lady Cop. Washington DC is the beginning of some of the greatest hardcore and it's almost impossible that this wasn't going to turn out well if you haven't guessed already.

A-Side's "Trust Fun Suicide" fires guitar blasts to open up the four chord power punk flying up the frets. Sal on vocals has a snarling lower register Corin Tucker sound, but those guys might just be on my mind these days. There's an almost similar vibrato in the delivery that elevates this beyond just screamy punk. It's simultaneously more accessible and catchy while being impossible to sing along to. Bashing away it's got an impossibly fast rhythm that barely stays on the rails. I also keep thinking she's saying trust FUND suicide which sounds even better.
B-Side's "Ice Cream Vs. Gasoline" cranks in a stretch chord with more strum space for the bass to fill in the space here. Sal has a talky delivery here until they hit the chorus where she goes melodic and doubled up in a nice contrast to the frantic buzzsaw of the verse. The pop punk huge sound of The Hot Snakes is somewhere buried in the past. A lot like that title, they have a deceptive volatility of things that you couldn't imagine going together but make sense now. "Cut by a Hog" Sal gets jokey in this bellowing deep delivery in the voice half mocking this character. The best kind of personal vendetta punk. The sort of day to day truth like "I don't wanna go down to the basement' or "Now I wanna sniff some glue", these are the simple things in life. This dick needs a song spelling it out. They manage to switch rhythm right in the middle of this rush for a snare march fill and these weird breaks that allow for the long drop back in are worth waiting for.

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