Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Boys Order on Secret Mission Records

I think the Secret Mission of the label is to release contemporary japanese punk singles like The Raydios or Dials releases they sent over recently not to mention the singles from German bands The Kidnappers and Modern Pets. A real international label you never know from what part of the world these bands originate but they are all playing their own take on modern punk. Boys Order is a four piece from Osaka, Japan with a hyper technical punk style that winds in and out of time signatures and styles before you can even place the reference.

A-Side's "Tomorrow Dancing" rips into high powered guitar bursts gleaming in ultra polished production. Chihiro has her own kind of jagged high register delivery in an almost Devo cutting style that slides into sections with multiple harmonies and layers. It quickly becomes a choir of Chihiro's delivering lyrics in japanese at an ever increasing pace. Separated chunky muted guitar riffs coming out of both channels with a seriously bent wah solo cranking between verses. This thing works a half step up to take things even higher and their frantic energy keeps ramping up, vibrating faster and faster, taking all sorts of epic punk turns, a half speed breakdown of booming percussion and backup yelling harmonies, squeezing every last drop from this sweat filled headband.
B-Side's "Danger! Danger!" opens on Ele's explosive tom drums opposite a tight high hat. Chihiro has a real squeaky punk style on this one that turns epic again, playing with both of those worlds; the epic synth nu-wave and speed punk. Highly technical they make sure to include as many catchy changes as could possibly fit into three minutes somehow adding pieces of both of those sounds to the various pieces that seem to work together in another weird future where speed isn't enough, you have this highly fluent world audience who can catch all those references and just wants more.

Pick this up from Secret Mission Records. Not such a secret anymore guys.

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