Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Radioactivity on Secret Mission Records

Every once in a while you miss a band like Radioactivity AND their previous project, The Marked Men out of Denton, TX. For whatever reason this is your first time hearing these guys and you can't get over how good it is. It's so good you feel stupid like you can't possibly even think you're keeping up with music in any meaningful way. How did I get so fucking out of touch? The only thing keeping me going now is looking up Radioactivity's previous releases on Dirtnap and Alien Snatch Records.

On A-Side's "Danger" a click of sticks counts into a heavy jittery jangle strum and muted cymbal bursts that pop up during verses of this vibrating tune. Great slightly blown out vocals run alongside this race but are dragged along reclined not straining themselves as the rest of the tracks flies down low, the high hat in double time over the snare. The single note melody that floats in, panning across channels over this unrelenting rhythm, is the only thing that seems to take a contemplative pause. How this ends up being catchy is anyone's guess being overwhelmed with this tempo in the way tracks from Blood Visions did, there's no time to examine or pick apart. Go with this these guys know what they're doing and it's the kind of thing that continues picking up speed with layers piling up that could go on forever.
B-Side's "Why" comes on equally as strong with a springy single note and kick at first reminding me of that frantic pop of Adam Widener. They have one speed; beserk. Even the vocal here has that same urgency and the strum is enough to shake every surface, the bass and drum never getting a moments rest. Bendy psych guitar works it's way in over the stomp that comes back harder, swapping the downbeat, more committed than before to the blown out doubled up vocals. This is two sides of perfection. I've got to get that full length and join the rest of society. Forgive me.

Get it from Secret Mission Records.

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