Friday, May 8, 2009

Dinowalrus interview - podcast 52

Pete from Dinowalrus contacted me after writing about their latest single a little while back and he agreed to talk to 7inches about the band some of their releases.

We talked about naming bands, how they are serious students of 70's psychedelic rock, taking quirky sounds and then translating them into the future. How Cause Co-motion inspired them to press their Electric Car Gas Guitar single which turned out to be a collaborative effort with everyone including friend Ian from Titus Andronicus who screened the sleeves.
They also have another split with Bachelor of Arts from Australia who hooked up with them online and ended up doing a split single and shows at SXSW.

These singles and CD-R's are available from Pete directly at dinowalrus (at)

ELECTRIC CAR, GAS GUITAR VINYL 7". $5, $7 with shipping. Available in NYC at Kim's, Other Music, Earwax, Soundfix, Academy. Online at and

Click here to download podcast Episode 52 (Played an excerpt from 'I hate Numbers' at the beginning and 'Made in CCCP' after the interview...(20Min-19Mb)

This is a great video of a rooftop show which gives you a better idea of some of the range of influences and instrumentation of Dinowalrus.

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  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Great Post. I've been wanting to hear more about these guys.

    Matt in Portland, Oregon.