Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Lunch on Who Can You Trust Records

Got this mystery vinyl in from Who Can You Trust Records, it took me a while to notice that the band name, "Hot Lunch" was sitting right there in the green slime drool between those teeth...nice sleeve guys. Poking around the label site it seems like this German based label is nurturing the heavy psych pre-metal rock of the late '70s, with cassettes and singles from Hot Lunch.

"Alakazam" on the A-Side dives right into a screaming guitar, tight up front drums...right out of "Slow Ride" that sludgy classic beefy rock, with a bluesy almost metal melody over that slow death beat the drummer can work a thousand fills in between kick hits. The whole thing picks up into a faster sabbath quick riff sound and Eric Shea's high register raspy delivery is of course the perfect compliment to this ballsy rock, a similar Michael McKean style from the Tap...maybe even lyrically at points.

Everybody says that you need a wife / to drink the milk of life
I don't know why / it all began / I just came here for the party

A lot of control, but letting loose in that metal scream. They've nailed this sound in exactly the same way The Enthusiasts hope there's some room out there to appreciate this sort of thing. They're so dead on in execution are they even going to be recognized for just recording this yesterday? So specific that it almost has to be some sort of parody or homage? No one would take the time to sincerely create this kind of impressive groove. All the classic rock stations out there just playing the same twenty songs over and over when there are bands like this! Oh radio, just curl up and die somewhere.

B-Sides "She wants More" shows off that crunchy riffage, literally you can hear the cable shorting out, the sound of the note just breaking through that Roger Dean dimension, taking it's agonizing time to bust out the unbelievable speed psych rock. Doing away with any of the haze, or extended jamming, packing that sort of loose, mustachioed, classic car sound right into two minutes. Completely macho, leather fringe vests...without any of the romanticism...pure classic rock that has no right to be done better than the original.

Check it out below


  1. shit man, this discovery has hit me hard! is there any music online that you know? or do you rip your 7inches ?

  2. Hey Lovo,
    Most singles come with download cards these days, so I don't have to rip. ..and it wouldn't be terrible if every time I wanted to hear them I had to walk over to the record player anyway.